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Στηρίζουμε την Ιδιοκτησία, Μελετούμε & Κατασκευάζουμε έργα, Αξιοποιούμε το Ακίνητο.


We ask for TRUST, we build it with our work. We aspire COOPERATION, we ground it in an honest and trustworthy relationship. The RESPECT for the Engineering Science and for our clients constitutes a daily concern of ours.
You trace our potential, while you look around the topics of our objects in our web page. It is almost entirely certain that one or some of our objects will be of your interests.
From 1981 to today. The diversity of the works we dealt with is indicative of our experience, which is the value added for our cooperation.
Use of modern methods and software. Even organisation of materials and active dynamic in studies and constructions. Accurate, fast and cost effective processing of the work.

Two categories of estates…


  • Urban house & Resort
  • Premises of multiple functionality
  • Land plots
  • Land parcels

  • Dwellings
  • Business premises
  • Hotel units
  • Craft industries, Industries

AkroTeam Engineers deal with equal concern and success the EXISTING ESTATE and the NEW CONSTRUCTION. They confirm this by developing FOUR SERVICES which they follow and work on equally willingly…


The personal property each has acquired was created with effort and hard personal work, work of our parents and of our relatives. For many of us, following health factor, it is what is most valuable we have to live with. It is therefore time for us to make any inspections required, in order to have the right legal titles for the property, without obligations and in a good condition in terms of maintenance.

AkroTeam Enginners provide the Service of Property Certification & Technical Maintenance…

  • Creation of Property Record
  • City Planning and Topographic Inspection
  • Examination, analysis and correlation with licensing plans
  • Arrangement of unauthorised property and licences’ omissions
  • Issuing of Building Identification
  • Issuing of Technical Inspection of Property… and many more.

Property Support… more… →


*** The Estate is now irreplaceable, thereof it constitutes a consistent value. You shall take advantage of it, not disdain it. The Owner of the estate tries to find ideas to best utilise it, so that, except for the m0re decent living, they can increase their income maintaining the level of the value of the property high. The AkroTeam Engineers, assisting this effort, we provide technical advice and our services for its realisation. Thus, we can often see…

  • The old house in the village to be transformed into an…agrotouristic unit.
  • The forgotten land plot to be joined with other plots and…an oil industry to appear, as there is production of this kind in the area.
  • The designated building which can soon collapse, to be transformed into a…luxury restaurant.

Optimising Estates… more… →


Μελέτη: Πάσα επιστηµονική και τεχνική εργασία και έρευνα αποβλέπουσα εις την κατασκευήν ή µη τεχνικού έργου ή εις τον σχεδιασμόν … Νόμος 716/77

076-portfolio-constr-1The Study for an Engineer is either of supportive & accommodating nature of existing buildings or creation of new constructions. 

Every new work, of any level of difficulty, is studied by the Studying Office with equally diligently and methodically. We realise that for each and every one of us, the work which we will start, simple or not, can be a work of life. We respect the human values, and we have no right to ignore this important fact. It is the fact that imposes in the life and our work the “PHILOSOPHY” we aspire.

Study of any work is required for the following reasons…

  • thoughts and  visions to be reshaped into lines and volumes.
  • to approach any project in a cost-effective way, so that it becomes feasible,
  • to succeed aesthetic constructions with identity, safety, functionality

It is a procedure which demands hard work, but it simultaneously is meaningful and creative. When a work is accurately completed, it makes us feel satisfaction and strength following work.

Research and Study… more… →


Since 1989, when “AKROLITHOS-technical construction” was set up, we build structures, building compounds and detached houses. We carry the construction of every Land Development, such as renovations, construction of multifloor Structures, Industrial Buildings, Hotels and in general whatever concerns Work, of  small or large scale.

We complete the constructions with diligence, consistency and aim for economyqualityplenitude of the Works and with fundamental concern…

  • the Accurate implementation of the Study,
  • the Right Choices for workmen, suppliers, materials,
  • the Right Coordination of the Work.
***YOU ARE INTERESTED IN… Every construction with the Owners’ financing, the purchase of materials from our suppliers take place with the prices charged to us, as constructors. The remuneration of the coordination of the construction is sufficient for us, we are not interested in commission.

Buildings’ Construction… more… →

For our old & new cliends we ENSURED from FileBANK of HellenicPROM and we OFFER FREE OF CHARGE for a whole YEAR the SECURITY of the titles, data and information of their ownership, which is and was object of our work. We charge only the eFilling. You shall take advantage of it.….

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