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Construction of Buildings • Intervention to Existing Buildings

The Work which you plan…

The construction is always part of our daily life. We are familiar with works of small and of big scale. The assignment of part of or the entire Work does not matter for us. Therefore, if you plan something relevant you can contact us to discuss. We can undertake works such as…

  • Houses or Houses’ Compounds
  • Apartment blocks
  • Buildings of Mixed Use
  • Manufactures & Industrial Buildings
  • Business Premises
  • Refurbishments – Restorations
  • Redevelopments of Αναπλάσεις Τοπίου
  • Energy Improvements & Insulations
  • Repairs – Reconstructions
  • Support of Building Framework

Before the Agreement…

Short reckonings make long friends The principle for a Work to be completed accurately and fast is the good initial agreement, which will be followed by both, with consistency and respect.

In order to reach an agreement, the inspection of the existing study is essential, as well as a discussion with the Owner in case there are any changes to be done in the already approved plans. In case there are any such intentions, the record is checked again and is sent to be informed in the Research Office. In case there is no intention to change the plans, this will be the final construction study.

In the final designs pre-calculation of materials,works and other expenses is implemented, so that the  budget is calculated in accordance to the choice of the materials by the Owner from the Constructor’s suppliers.

Means of Collaboration Agrement-1

There are two basic means of agreement chosen by the Owner, without excluding something intermediate or different which they may consider. These means are set for a better service of them, given that, except for the financial aspect, the role of the Owner at this stage may be modified.

The needs, the priorities and the way of thinking are the elements which will lead the Owner to their final decision to become our Εργοδότης.

1. Agreement for the overall cost of the Work

Ο Εργοδότης αναθέτει assigns the Work to the Constructor agreeing for the TOTAL cost of the Work, which encompasses …

  • purchase of the materials
  • cost of workmen
  • cost of κόστος χρησιμοποιούμενων στεγασμένων επαγγελμάτων
  • cost of machines operating
  • cost of “Ι.Κ.Α.” of employees
  • cost of ασφαλιση of the work during its construction
  • cost of security of materials and of construction site
  • payment of the Constructor αμοιβή του Κατασκευαστή ΦΠΑ του συνολικού τιμολογίου προς τον Ιδιοκτήτη


with regard to the OWNER…
with regard to the CONSTRUCTOR…
Ways of PAYMENT…
Keeping in mind…

2. Agreement for the Constructor’s fee

The Owner (Proprietor) assigns the Work agreeing only for the fee of organising and carrying through the Work.

The Owner assigns the Work to the Constructor assuming himself the requirement of repaying the expenses of the Work to third parties, agreeing only for the repayment of the Constructor for for organising and carrying through the Work.

  • In this case the Constructor assumes to abide to the agreed pre-calculations bound to the fact, for the assurance of the Owner, that no fluctuations over 5% of the pre-calculations of the work to exist.
  • The Owner takes into consideration the budget of the Work, yet without this to be binding for the Constructor – only the pre-calculations.


with regard to the OWNER…
with regard to the CONSTRUCTOR…
FEE (?) & how to PAY…
Keeping in mind…

***YOU ARE INTERESTED… In every construction which takes place with the Owners’ financing, the purchase of materials from our suppliers takes place with the prices they provide, as constructors. The payment for the coordination of the construction is enough for us; we are not concerned with the commissions.

We justify the payment of the construction of the Work.
We are helpful; we do not burden with insubstantial charges.


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