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Building Projects

Since 1989 our company named “AKROLITHOS-constructional technical company” runs building projects; industrial works, building sites and building compounds under the system of ANTIPAROXI. Recently, due to the depress in the market for real property, the system of ANTIPAROXI stays inactive.

The instability and the subversion of the real property market rules leads suspends this issue. Such suspension has to do with the new perceptions and new rules which will be established and will focus on…

  • The new value of the land plot owned by the owner.
  • The new potentials of the buyer and their position more generally in the issue of ownership.

We are in anticipation of any developments and for this reason…

We focus on the the Management of the Private Work.
  • We have the experience, the coordination and the potential.
  • We respond methodically, fast and accurately.
  • We ensure economy and quality for the work.
  • 2οροφο Κτίριο Κατοικιών με Υπόγειο
  • Δήμος Θέρμης, Τρίλοφος, Κυκλάδων, Οικ2
  • Δήμος Θέρμης, Τρίλοφος, Κυκλάδων, Οικ3
  • Νομός Μαγνησίας, Δήμος Μουρεσίου, Τσαγκαράδα
  • Δήμος Θεσσαλονίκης, Μακεδονίας και Μιαούλη
  • Δήμος Θέρμης, Τρίλοφος, Αγ. Αθανάσιος
  • Συγκρότημα Οικοδομών Κατοικιών στον Τρίλοφο του Δήμου Θέρμης επί της Περικλέους
  • 2οροφες Κατοικίες με Υπόγειο στον Τρίλοφο του Δήμου Θέρμης, Εντός Σχεδίου
  • Οικοδομή Παραθεριστικών Κατοικιών στην Ακτή Ελιάς της Νικήτης του Νομού Χαλκιδικής
  • Ακρόλιθος, Πεύκα Θεσσαλονίκης, Ποιήσεως & Γ. Ρίτσου
  • Ακρόλιθος, Καλαμαριά, Παστέρ 8
  • Ακρόλιθος, Καλαμαριά
  • Ακρόλιθος-Παπαφλέσσα-Καλαμαριά...Akrolithos-Papaflessa
  • Akrolithos-Palama
  • Ακρόλιθος-Παπαφλέσσα-Καλαμαριά...Akrolithos-Papaflessa
  • AlphaTherm...Εργοστάσiο - Μελέτη & Επίβλεψη
  • Akrolithos-E.Antistasis-71

Managing the Work

We apply a series of procedures, necessary for the most even performance of the work…

  • Compiling of analytical timetable of all the phases of the work
  • Compiling of analytical budget before the start of any works
  • Daily supervision of construction sites from licensed engineers
  • Abidance to the statutory rules of safety and hygiene
  • Inspection of the addressed reports and invoices
  • Etchings – emblazonments, and inspection of heights
  • Assemblage of at least 2 offers for every phase of subcontracts
  • Compiling of private agreements which concern subcontracts
  • Compiling every 15 days, of analytical account
  • All the procedures required for… ΙΚΑ, ΔΕΗ (Electricity), ΟΤΕ (Phone), WATER, MUNICIPALITY, VAT
  • Updates of all the architecural changes for the Study Office
  • Digital photographs and videotapes

***YOU ARE INTERESTED… In every construction which takes place with the Owners’ financing, the purchase of materials from our suppliers takes place with the prices they provide, as constructors. The payment for the coordination of the construction is enough for us; we are not concerned with the commissions.

We justify the payment of the construction of the Work.
We are helpful; we do not burden with insubstantial charges.

Call us…

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