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Research – Engineer’s Study

A Study starts with a blank paper which is enriched consistently and methodically. 

The Engineer will present the materialisation of thoughts, desires and demands of the Owners, and this procedure can be complex and complicated. The Engineer is called upon every issue independent of its scale… 

  • they have to provide the reasonable Time according to their experience 
  • they have to seek and aspire the Cooperation with the Owners, 
  • they have to show Patience, Diligence and Conscientiousness.

The Target is the Work to be materialised fast, accurately and COST EFFECTIVELY

The Research

The Engineer is called upon, before designing the Work, to research in order to synthesise while designing elements such as…

  • Geography and Climate of the place 
  • Architecture of the place and the location 
  • Functionality and Perspective
  • Aesthetics of the Owner and the Engineer

  • Viability and Longevity
  • Financial capacity
  • Legislative provisions-Regulations  
  • Rules of Art & Science

Further Researches-Studies

There are being studies done which cover all the range of building implementations according to its usage.

For every work there are individual studies and examination, such as studies of…

  • Topography
  • Architecture
  • Static
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Heating
  • Budgeting

  • Fire protection
  • Hydraulic
  • Electrical
  • Elevator
  • Air conditioning
  • Time Planning

Concerning special works the aforementioned are completed with studies according to the use of the building, indicatively…

For a Hotel unit…

  • Examination of the location of the facilities and of environmental provisions
  • Examination of the suitability of the land plot and architectural examination for approval from the Greek National Tourism Organisation

In the Industrial field, studies for the…

  • Location
  • Building structure of the unit based on its production line
  • Traffic infrastructure with the road networks of the area
  • Environmental consequences for Approval of Environmental Provisions
  • All of the required electromechanical facilities
  • Fire Protection for the complete function of the factory

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