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Maria Chalmouki as a self-employed professional since1994, until today she has been a regular associate of  the Engineering Office of AkroTEAM, in cooperation with the civil engineers K.D. Chalmouki and Panagiotis Chiliadas.

Her professional activity concerns all sorts of architectural studies for building projects, with supervision of all the studies performed by the Engineering Office. She is in charge of the issuance of Construction Permits and approvals by state authorities, as well as handling Declarations of Illegal Construction and the issuance of certificates based on current legislation.

She is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (since 1994) and a member of the  Special Service of Energy Inspectors, registered in the register of Energy Inspectors.

Maria Chalmouki is a  specialist associate belonging to the Urban Planning and Property Technical Support team of HellenicPROM.

Maria Chalmouki is an architect, holding a degree from the Polytechnic School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1994), and an energy inspector.

She holds a license for public works project studies in the categories of Architectural Studies for Building Projects and Specialized Architectural Studies.

Maria Chalmouki keeps up to date systematically on issues of urban planning legislation. She keeps up to date through conferences and seminars on topics such as landscape architecture, mild forms of intervention and protection of historic buildings, advanced electronic three-dimensional design systems, and techniques for presenting three-dimensional  models of construction projects…

She edited Dimitris Chalmoukis’s book: ‘Achladokastro: my small Country’


email: office@akroteam.gr